Tuesday, March 3, 2015

eLearning Day

Today is an eLearning day. Here are the Resource Room assignments:

Letter worksheet or counting worksheet

1st & 2nd Grade
Record video of yourself reading your word list.
How to do this is on the back of this sheet
Email to Miss C. when finished!

3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade
Read Plants of the Rainforest
(hard copy or on Showbie)
5th grade: this has been emailed to you
Complete pages 29 (Apply Vocabulary) and 30 (Main Idea and Details)

6th Grade
Choosing an app of your choice, create 2 examples of similes & metaphors; 4 total.
Remember that simile uses like or as, and metaphor compares 2 things that are not alike.
Should contain a picture illustrating your similes & metaphors.
Turn in on Google Classroom (either today or when we return if you do not have internet)

Please contact Miss C if you have any questions or need any help! Have a great day!

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